Uts Academic Staff Agreement

4.b (PAY MARK STD) The industrial conditions of employment of UTS staff are prescribed in: The conditions of employment of the UTS are set by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. . Paid for a « rehearsal conference » covering the subject of a course given to another group of students within 7 days. Paid if the lecturer assumes an essential responsibility in the design and development of a unit of a large part of the unit as well as courses or when a conference or a small group of conferences requires special expertise; 1.c (PAY LECT STD) other tasks or demonstrations required, as part of normal tasks, requiring full coordination tasks or as part of normal duties where the casual worker has a doctoral qualification. Routine marking in which the casual employee has an appropriate doctoral qualification. 1.d (PAY LECT RPT) The tutorial includes 1 hour of delivery and up to 2 hours of work in circumstances where the casual worker has a promotional qualification.2.d (PAY TUTPHDRP) . Tutorial includes 1 hour Delivery and up to 2 hours of corresponding working time2.b (PAY TUT RPT) Other tasks or demonstration rate3.b (PAY DEMO PHD) The rehearsal tutorial includes 1 hour of delivery and 1 hour of associated working time, provided that the hourly rate in a repeat tutorial applies to the subsequent delivery of the subject substantially identical in a tutorial within 7 days and each marker and student advice reasonably at the same time as him. 2.c (PAY TUTPHD) 5.a Clinical Sessions (Faculty of Medicine) (PAY CLSESS) . Paid to a respected person for a single conference for each small group of conferences; or if a course includes 4 hours of work.