Mibco Main Agreement Working Hours

The Commission stated that there would be no deductions for MIBCO levies, but if the salary value is less than 23 hours of work per week, then the full MIBCO levy will be required if the salary value is equivalent to 23 hours or more per week. Please note that the equivalent applies to monthly wages. Kwazulu Natal Region: Sphelele.Nyuswa@mibco.org.za / MIBCO.KZN@mibco.org.za During the ongoing fight to defeat the Covid-19 virus, the state extended the first three-week ban period by an additional two weeks, with the possibility of further extension if the infection rate does not remain stable. Of course, this will further increase the industry sector, which is ready to print, and the automotive after-sales sector cannot escape this. In the meantime, you would all have considered using the various financial relief options that have been made available to businesses so far. We hope that other aid programs will be put in place during the second phase of the blockade, but as there is no guarantee, members should begin to consider their strategic options for the near future with regard to their businesses and, in particular, their employees. Land of Freistaat/Nordkap-Region: Grant.Theys@mibco.org.za It should be taken into account that meal breaks are not included in the calculation of working time and are therefore not paid. Remember that tea hours are paid for and are included in the calculation. An employee who works a 5-day week and receives a one-hour break a day is actually 50 hours a week in the workplace (45 hours of normal work, plus 5 hours of daily breaks).

The meal break must be done after five hours of uninterrupted work. The legal lunch break is 1 hour, but can be reduced to 30 minutes after consultation with the employee and the employer. No employee can normally work more than 45 hours per week. In addition, the main collective agreement provides for a daily rest of 12 consecutive hours between the end of work and the recovery of work and provides for a weekly rest of at least 36 consecutive hours, which, unless otherwise agreed, must include a Sunday. · Members of each other contracting party, as long as the provisions of the agreement are applicable; « 1) a) ……. a worker`s usual hours, with the exception of a part-time worker, do not exceed 45 hours, with the exception of meal intervals (for a 5-day week), regardless of the opposite hours included in this sub-clause. For a 6-day week (deferent for travellers) b) 10 additional hours may be worked by shop staff employed in companies registered in accordance with Chapters II, III and V of Division C, under the following conditions: – In short, the main collective agreement of MIBCO regulates the conditions of employment. For example – hours of work; Holidays Mandatory minimum wage agreements and the employer`s behaviour towards its employees; within the automotive industry. · Members of a registered union that is a party to the agreement; and (1) (a) When a worker is required or authorized to work beyond the days or hours prescribed in point 4.1 of that division, these overtime hours are worked and the worker is paid for overtime at the rates indicated at point (8) of this clause: provided that overtime does not exceed 23:00 from Monday to Friday and 18:00 on Saturday. Deductions for NUMSA union dues are made in accordance with the affiliation agreement, i.e. a percentage of the income is made regardless of the time worked.

A collective agreement is a written agreement on the terms of employment or any other matter of mutual interest entered into by one or more registered unions, on the one hand, and (a) for the conclusion of collective agreements. » (Emphasis) 1. For the purposes of this clause, « overtime » refers to all hours worked, with the exception of Sundays, which go beyond the normal number of hours prescribed in point 4.1 of that division.