Ferrellgas Forbearance Agreement

(c) Issuers acknowledge and accept that the consent of Noteholders to waive the exercise of their rights and remedies for breaches of the leniency period does not limit the right of a noteholders forbearing to strict compliance with note documents, agreement or other documents during the leniency period of the issuers. agreement or other document. unless it is expressly stated. (f) Leniency is limited in nature and nothing contained in it is intended or will be considered « i) as a waiver of delay or future delay or delay events or compliance with a provision or destination of the documents of notes or applicable law, nor considered expressly intended or interpreted, or (ii) to establish a valid awareness of transactions between issuers. on one side and each forbearing noteholder, on the other. None of what is included in this agreement compels a Noteholder forbearing to enter into other leniency agreements or to waive delays or delays, unless expressly foreseen. This agreement may be amended, amended, extended or supplemented only by a written document signed by each issuer and the holders of mandatory letters, which holds at least 50% of the total principal amount of the bonds held by all holders of fork certificates at the time of this amendment, amendment, extension or supplement (the « necessary for the presentation of bonds »); provided that any forbearing noteholder who has not consented and who has made written objections (including by e-mail) to any amendment, amendment, extension or supplement that will take effect without his consent under this section 7, may terminate his obligations under this agreement by disclosing one business day (or, in the event of an extension of the leniency period) , as soon as the previous period of indusity expires); (a) (a) that a note manager`s notes in the possession of a qualified marketmaker are considered consent to such an amendment, amendment or supplement to the extent that he or she holds a grade holder, (b) if the proposed amendment, amendment, exemption or supplement has significant, disproportionate and adverse effects on a recipient of the note , the approval of each forbearing is also required. to make such a change. , waiver or supplement and (c) in order to avoid any doubt, not to authorize the modification, modification, complement or renewal of this agreement, including the omission of the necessary noteholder forbearing, and c) in order to avoid any doubt, the contracting parties may enter into another leniency agreement.