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For small customers, merchants are required to provide customer liaison services under the standard terms of a standard connection contract, as soon as the merchant has informed the distributor of the conclusion of a retail contract. This provision helps the consumer provide energy connection services to distributors as soon as a retail contract has been concluded. Division 9, Part 2 of NERL provides supply agreements for moving and transfer customers. These provisions require the designated retailer to supply the designated retailer as a supply customer in a supply agreement based on permanent government rates and terms of supply. A dual fuel contract is an energy contract for the sale of electricity and for the sale of gas by a retailer to a customer or two energy contracts between the same customer and the same distributor, an electricity contract and a gas contract under which the electricity and gas billing cycles are synchronized.6 You use electricity (or gas) , you enter into a supply contract. Yes, it is the law. It is considered a delivery and basically, you use it, you are forced to pay for it. For residential real estate, it`s more puff and flexes than anything else. They rarely chase someone away and turn off the power. A flat rate A tariff that stays the same, no matter how much energy or water you use.

Please note that the whole process is due over time. Under 3-6 months, no trader cares. No one cares or cares. You automatically realize a few weeks or a month of use. However, once that 3- to 6-month mark has passed and its system triggers the « considered delivery » process, all of this comes in and applies. Family Energy Reduction A rebate to help NSW households with dependent children cover the costs of their energy bills. It is available to applicants who were entitled and received from the Department of Human Services` family tax in the previous fiscal year. For more information, visit the website (link to

Energy OnlyThe processing of energy contracts in Victoria is subject to certain requirements that are not imitated in the NECF. Victoria`s approximately 2 million households and small businesses are supplied by retailers through the existing standing offer, the contract, the old franchise and the agreements considered to be concluded. On the other hand, NECF has its own concepts of permanent offer and retail contract on the market. Integrated Network When energy or water infrastructure is configured so that the site owner can sell energy or water to residents. Typically in apartment buildings, villages for the elderly, caravan parks or shopping malls. Green Energy A green product proposed by your dealer is energy produced from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. Energy Made Easy A national price comparison site for energy contracts. This service is also available by phone on 1300 585 165.