Bank Account Agreement Meaning

Password and security You agree not to give your password or any other means of accessing your account or not providing them. You are responsible for all payments you authorize through the service. If you allow others to use the service or your password or any other means to access your account, you will be responsible for all transactions they authorize. If you believe that your passwords or other means of accessing your account have been lost or stolen or that someone may try to use the service without your consent or have transferred money without your permission, you should notify the service immediately by calling 505-599-0100 during after-sales service hours. For more awareness and information on online safety and best practices, visit our consumer protection page on our website: Please note that your mobile operator may charge you for SMS. Please check your mobile phone contract for details of the costs incurred. The number and nature of transfers may be limited to the receiving institution. Your financial institution may also charge a transaction fee. Other events may affect the date or success of a transfer that reaches the intended recipient. These events may include, among other things, errors made by the sender or recipient when introducing information, inaccurate information about an account or card number, delays in publication by the recipient institution, acts of God, and network and POSTA interruptions. If we believe that transmission may be illegal, we may refuse or cancel the transmission. The receiving establishment may choose not to book the transfer or to delay booking the transfer.

Neither the bank nor the service provider is responsible for delays in transferring funds or booking funds into the recipient`s account. You may have certain rights and obligations regarding the failure to book transactions in a timely manner and you will be encouraged to continue resolving disputes with the receiving financial institution. Bank deposit contracts are similar to guaranteed investment contracts (CICs), except that they are issued by banks and not by insurance companies.